In collaboration with:
University of Phoenix
Orlando, Florida, USA February 15-17, 2017


To submit your proposal and participate as a SPEAKER, please fill out the Registration Form.

1. Articles’ submission regulations and instructions

Each participant can present up to 2 (two) papers, either as author or as co-athor.

Each paper can be presented by a maximum of 3 (three) people, 1 (one) author and 2 (two) co-authors.

Papers must range in length from 10 to 15 pages, including a short bio and bibliography, and must follow the APA 6th edition of citation in order to be edited in A4 format. Microsoft Word 97-2003(.docx) and 6.0/95 (.doc) file format and Times New Roman 12 point font must be used.

Admitted language: English, Spanish

CV and Abstract must contain a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 500 words.

The first page must contain the following elements in the following order:

  1. Title of the work in capital letters, centred, bold, font Times New Roman, 14;
  2. Indication of the main theme that the paper applies to, centred, font Times New Roman, 10;
  3. Complete name of the author and co-authors, without abbreviations, aligned on the right side. Font Times New Roman, 10. Information pertaining to the author and co-author must be located at the end of the page in the following order: Institution, position, research group and e-mail.

Quotes superior to 4 lines must be separated from the text, with the following formatting: regular space, left margin of 0.5 cm and font dimension 9.

Orthographic and grammatical correction is authors’ responsibility.

2. Submission Procedures

All speakers must submit an abstract of their article within the deadline, using the Registration form. After the acceptance notification by the Scientific Committee, the speaker will confirm his/her participation by paying  the registration fee. The speaker will send the final article to, according to the presentation procedures indicated in point 1. The final article is not reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Speaker’s participation and inclusion of his/her article in the official conference program and in the conference’s proceedings, will be approved only after proof of payment of the registration fee by credit card or bank transfer. All speakers included in the official programs must send a power point presentation of his article together with indications regarding the technological instruments necessary for his/her presentation.

3. Publications

If the paper is approved, the author reserves the right to the University of Phoenix to include his/her article in the virtual archives of the XII International GUIDE conference.

All articles approved by the Scientific Committee will be published in the Conference Proceedings of the XII International GUIDE Conference. All publishing activities are provided by the Editorial service of the University of Phoenix.

A limited number of contributions, considered to be highly valuable and relevant to the scientific topics of the official publications of the GUIDE Association (FormaMente and Digital Universities: International Best Practices and Applications), will be evaluated for publication through a peer review process by the journals’ Editorial Board and Scientific committee.

For further information, please contact the Conference coordinator:

Karin Di Giorgio:

4. Presentation methodology

The speaker will present his or her work during the conference in PowerPoint or other software tools. For particular requests needed for the presentation (wi-fi connection, smart box, Prezi, etc...) the speaker must inform the organization staff of the conference ahead of time. GUIDE Association does not guarantee the availability of the requested tools in all the different conference rooms. Speakers must respect the program schedule for their presentation. Speakers must keep the presentation within 15 minutes to ensure sufficient time for all other participants.