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Guatemala, April 10-11, 2014

Universidad Panamericana

Diagonal 34 31-43
Zona 16 Guatemala City

The Universidad Panamericana was approved by the Private Board of Higher Education of Guatemala on October 2nd of 1998. This year it becomes 15 years old, succeding in bringing higher education to the whole country.

It has three campuses in the capitol city: Cental, El Naranjo, and Alamos, and has over 90 campuses in the interior of the republic. Our central campus, where the VII International GUIDE Conference will be held, is located in the north eastern side of the capitol city of Guatemala, area 16, where there are three other universities.
We are located twenty minutes from the historical centre of the capitol, and ten minutes away, by the same route, from the business and touristic districts. You can enter the Panamerican University through various access points.


The Republic of Guatemala, dubbed “The Land of the Eternal Spring”, is a country located in Central America bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and by the Caribbean Sea to the east. With a population of 15,438,384, Guatemala is a multicultural and multilingual country with 70% of its population under 29 years old. Together with neighboring southern Mexico and Belize, it is at the heart of the Mayan region and many of its most relevant monuments are located in the northern highlands, such as the Tikal site (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Over the course of the 20th century, the country has experienced the fastest growth in population in the Western Hemisphere. Since the end of the Civil War in 1996, it has also witnessed a remarkable economic growth. Its abundance of biologically significant and unique ecosystems contributes to Mesoamerica's designation as a biodiversity hotspot.

Guatemala City

The origins of the most populous city in Central America (1,110,100) date back to 1200 BC when the ancient Maya city of Kaminaljuyu (one of America's most notable archaeological sites) was first occupied. It became the capital of Guatemala in 1775.

The city is located in the South-Central area of the country and has a large number of green areas. Its elevation (1,500 mt above sea level) enables it to enjoy a subtropical highland climate. In April, temperatures range from 16º (mínimum) to 28º (máximum) and few rainy days.

Among the main sights and monuments of the city, the Central Park and the Cathedral, the National Palace and the archaeological site of Kaminal Juyú. The beautiful colonial city of Antigua Guatemala is only 45 kms away and can be easily reached by car or bus. The archeological site Tikal, one of the most fascinating and enjoyable of the Mayan sites to visit, can be reached by plane (45 mins).