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Guatemala, April 10-11, 2014


As you arrive in Guatemala, you will have to fill out an immigration and custom clearance form. La Aurora (GUA), in the City of Guatemala, is the main international  airport of the country. It is located 6,4 km (15 minutes) from the centre of the city.


The guatemalan currency is the Quetzal (GTQ). By the date of November 2013, its rate exchange is 10,64 GTQ for 1 Euro, and 7,91 GTQ for 1 USD. The quetzal  has to be divided by 100 cents. In all locations, making an expection for the smallest ones,  there are ATM machines that accept Visa/Plus and MasterCard/Cirrus. Even if you have a credit card, we recommend always having some cash available, as a precaution. All banks exchange dollars and euros, and in most of them you will be able to exchange travel checks.


110-120 volts, with jacks with two slides. You will need transformers for european appliances.


In Guatemala City you can get good health assistance/support. Food and water consumption in prestigious hotels is sanitary, and safe. No vaccines are necessary in order to enter Guatemala, but depending on the areas you wish to visit, it’s important to check with your nearest international vaccines centre.


The official language is Spanish, but there also are 23 different native dialects of maya origin.

Time Zone

Guatemala is in the UTC -6 Time Zone (or CTS, Central Standard Time).


Centroamerican citizens can enter Guatemala with their local ID card, or their passport. Europen and US citizens are not required to have a Visa. For other nationalities, visit the webpage of the Guatemalan General Migration Management. All custom clearance, and immigration processes on Guatemalan frontier are free of charge. In special cases for which a fee is needed, the competent authorities will have to deliver the official receipt.