The Conference

E-learning innovative models for the integration of education, technology and research

The globalization and the transition from a traditional teaching model to an open one require the development of innovative organization structures and pedagogical models to support complex institutional and university systems, combining education, technology and research.

Taking into account these premises, the 5th GUIDE International Conference will deal with key concepts and themes related to the evolution of the knowledge-based society and the personalisation, accessibility and flexibility of the new e-learning models.  In this context particular attention will be paid to quality assurance in the online environment, fostering the exchange of best practices, knowledge and experiences.

Despite several strategies for establishing new adaptive parameters have been developed and implemented fruitfully, assuring excellence of e-education requires a stronger cooperation among open universities in order to create a common quality framework for e-learning system and its different phases: organization, planning, services delivered, monitoring and evaluation, research and development.

The conference will also focus on the e-evaluation, e-assessment and self-assessment process that enable both teachers and students to assess the ongoing acquisition of knowledge as well as to build flexible learning paths.

Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to discuss issues related to the use of digital devices such as education simulators, interactive multimedia blackboards, 3D environments reconstructions, etc., which provide teachers and students with an active and participative role in the learning process, ensuring a higher level of interaction with the educational environment and contents.

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