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Distance education: the ideal solution for continuing education for adults in Cameroon.

In recent decades with the advent of new technologies of information and communication in Africa, and particularly the opening to the internet, the world's population has adopted new habits both on consumption and trade.

The education sector is one that cannot be left behind. In a country like Cameroon that is struggling with developmental politics, one must wonder what the literacy rate of a population where 80% of its population is 25 and under. According to statistics, seven out of ten adults do not complete their first year of university studies. This phenomenon is due in part to several reasons:

  • A difficult life due to unemployment and poverty that force people to abandon their studies and focus on smaller manual labor to subsist.
  • Expensive professional studies that are inaccessible to most budgets.
  • Existing unemployment as an already discouraging factor when senior professionals and graduates are also unemployed.

The observation becomes clear: the aversion to go to school full-time comes from a systemic issue of discouraging factors. Distance education increasingly becomes a viable solution to these deep-rooted problems.

Nowadays, a worker can continue his studies online at his own pace anywhere in the world without leaving his employment nor needing to step inside a classroom.

However, this new form of learning requires more or less interesting constraints for its students. Especially in understanding the E-learning system, its resources, advantages and disadvantages, among other things.

Shanghai Open University

Shanghai Open University offers unique exchange opportunities in 2016 for international university students and staff. These programs are fully-funded by the Chinese government, leaving only travel costs for the selected participants. The University’s exchange programs offer international students and staff  the opportunity to experience China first-hand and gain a greater exposure to culture and life in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

Please download the programs from the following links: Staff exchange, Student exchange.

AIOU Computer Science Students Recognized for Projects using Telecommuting Technology

Professor Mark Adams, Director PDEEP (Pakistan Distance Education Enhancement Program) of San Jose State University, USA, was speaking on the occasion of PDEEP Telecommuting workshop at Computer Science Department, AIOU. He evaluated CS students’ projects which were completed using Telecommuting Technologies for first time in Pakistan.

He highly appreciated the vision of Dr. Sangi, Chairman CS to initiate and implement this historic workshop of students from Umerkot, DG. Kkan, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

This “LEAD” model for socio ecommerce development is being practiced by Dr. Sangi to develop ICT telecommuting assignments completed by students and delivered to international companies.

Professor Mark Adams termed the students as Future Ambassadors of AIOU in Silicon Valley.

A Group of Students receiving Certificates from Dr Shahid Siddiui and Professor Mark Adams

A Group of Students receiving Certificates from Dr Shahid Siddiui and Professor Mark Adams.

Group of Students from h Dr Shahid Siddiqui, Dr Nazir Sangi, Prof Mark Adams and their instructors

Group of Students from h Dr Shahid Siddiqui, Dr Nazir Sangi, Prof Mark Adams and their instructors.

Learn to be Global

What it is

Learn to be Global! is the new GUIDE platform created to promote high quality university programs and facilitate global students mobility. This new platform aims to become a leading global career and education network, through a set of useful tools and information to be provided for both students and academic institutions.

How it works

It’s possible to browse and search for all available programs and courses that are offered by universities involved. Users can filter their search by different parameters (such as by course or program, university, city, country, etc.), in order to acquire the information they are looking for. Along with main programs, students find comprehensive information about tuition, fees, scholarships, internships and advices.

Register soon to Learn to Be Global to promote your courses internationally and converse with students and companies from all over the world! Guide members will be premium partner of the project and benefit from outstanding visibility. Registration for GUIDE members is free of charge. Learn more about and fill out this form

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