XII GUIDE Conference

XII International GUIDE Conference

“Online Learning in the 21st Century: Practice, Problems, and Prospects”

University of Phoenix, Orlando, Florida
February 15-17, 2017




Ellucian is the world’s leading provider of software and services higher education institutions need to help students succeed. More than 2,400 institutions in 40 countries rely on Ellucian to help enable the mission of higher education for over 18 million students. Ellucian provides student information systems (SIS), finance and HR, recruiting, retention, analytics and advancement software solutions. With more than 1,400 institutions subscribing to Ellucian’s cloud services and SaaS offerings, the company is one of the largest providers of cloud-based solutions. Ellucian also supports the higher education community with a range of professional services such as application software implementation, training, education, and management consulting. Visit Ellucian at www.ellucian.com



Blackboard is education’s partner in change, helping learners, educators, and institutions thrive in a complex and changing environment. With 3.2 billion global internet users, we understand that distance learning is a critical part in making education accessible around the world. A critical part of expanding this access is understanding the rapidly changing nature of learners and their educational journeys, and central to these journeys is understanding the role of personalization in creating engaging learning experiences for learners of all ages. At Blackboard, we are developing and helping institutions use innovative technology tools such as:

  • Planner, a unique career planning tool that enables students to explore degrees and careers and understand the financial, academic, and career implications of their decisions;
  • Predict, a predictive analytics tool that can help institutions understand their students and assist in retention;
  • Advise, a web-based advising tool that combines insight into student plans alongside predictive analytics to help advisors identify at-risk students; and
  • Ally, an accessibility tool that will soon make it easier for institutions to make course content more accessible.
By focusing on the ways in which we can help institutions leverage emerging technologies and services, Blackboard is a partner in change that helps the global education community see the possibilities to come.


Carolina Distance Learning

Carolina Distance Learning - Founded in 1927, Carolina Biological Supply Company is a leader in providing educators with science materials and support worldwide. Our business line Carolina Distance Learning™ offers more than 150 hands-on lab investigations for distance education at the college level. Disciplines include allied health, chemistry, biology, human biology, microbiology, physics, environmental science, and anatomy and physiology.

Kits can be designed to meet a specific budget, and students pay only for the investigations they need. We test each investigation for safety and reliability in the home setting.

Our distance learning specialists support customers before, during, and after purchase, helping them to match investigations to syllabi and launch their courses quickly. Visit carolina.com/distancelearning to see kit descriptions and previews of lab manuals, request a sample kit, talk to a specialist, and design a course.