“…. the first international certification with an international validity which certifies the quality of the different systems and solutions for  online education on a global scale given to Marconi University...” (Ansa: first Italian news agency)

“…more than one hundred presidents and delegates from the most important and elite online universities from fifty different countries participated at the 5th GUIDE International Conference …” (AGI: Italian news agency)

 “The USGM is the first online university in Italy with more than the 70% of the online market …” (Il Corriere della Sera: Italian daily newspaper)

“This successful event congregated representatives from  the e-Learning sector in higher education from fifty different countries giving the opportunity to talk about the current and future trends in e-Learning …” (Il Giornale: Italian daily newspaper)

“The USGM invest more than  20% of its revenue in R&D in technological and didactic solutions for improving online learning quality …” (Milano Finanza: business newspaper)

“…the current and future trends in e-Learning was presented and discussed by more than 100 universities…” (Italia Oggi: business and political newspaper)

“the GUIDE conference has been focused on the importance of digital technologies application to the teaching and learning of scientific subjects for professional updating and qualification”  (Il Corriere della Sera online: Italian daily newspaper)