In order to facilitate and encourage dialogue and interaction among the members, GUIDE Association carries out the following activities:

- Development of International Partnerships

- Drawing up of proposals and projects to be financed by the European Commission or other international organizations

- Organization of worldwide conferences on the latest trends in e-learning and educational technologies

- Official bimonthly Newsletter 

- Release of international research studies and publication

- Publication of the Association’s scientific journals  FormaMente and Digital Universities: International Best Practices and Applications


GUIDE Quality Observatory is an initiative of the GUIDE Association which aims to connect the communities of policy makers, practitioners, developers, managers, end-users and all stakeholders committed to find a suitable and innovative approach to quality in technology-mediated education. The Observatory is a response to the growing international demand of advancing a culture of quality within institutions in a continuous quest for improvement and excellence. In this respect GUIDE Observatory intends to analyze international practices and principles for quality in e-learning dealing with existing standards, methodologies and accreditation mechanisms implemented by HEIs worldwide. It gives the opportunity to participate in major international research and development projects and to access a range of specific tools and services for benchmarking and analyzing local, national and regional programs.