What is GUIDE

GUIDE Association - Global Universities In Distance Education arises from the need of worldwide Universities to develop and support, in a flexible manner, the distance learning sector by promoting cooperation and research, while respecting the cultural specificity of each member.

The Association was founded in 2005 by the Marconi University and officially launched during the first international conference in February 2006, having the significant title “Towards the development of Common Platform for Global Cooperation”.

Nowadays the Association has reached a global dimension with almost 200 members Universities coming from all over the world. All the members work together to realize a global cooperation model for every university and institution linked to the e-learning and distance education sector.

Mission and Objectives

The GUIDE’s mission is to promote excellence in research, development and use of e-learning by providing networking and exchange opportunities among universities and educational institutions, funding agencies, public and private bodies and the business sector. The Association disseminates, especially through its official magazines FormaMente and Digital Universities: International Best Practices and Applications, the results of researches about the latest trends in online education and digital technologies application, also sharing and promoting e-learning policies, procedures and practices

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